Social Studies 2015-2016
Social Studies will be taught for 45 minutes daily.

50 States Labeling

You will be labeling a US map with a category of teams, resources, or landmarks. Use the links provided to find out which "thing" goes in which state!
crops that are grown in our country (Read about the 7 major crops and in which states they are grown. Find a way to color code or make a key showing which states produce these 7 major crops.)
the teams of the NFL (Label all 32 teams by state.)
the teams of MLB (Label all 30 teams by state.)
historic landmarks (Choose any 25 landmarks and label which state each is in. No more than two in the same state.)
birthplaces of famous people (Choose any 25 famous people and label which state they were born. No more than five in the same state.)

Unit I: U.S. Geography
· Regions of the U.S.: Northeast, Middle Atlantic, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest, West.
· State names, locations, and capitals.
Name that State Game
State the State Game
U.S. State Symbols Game
U.S. states practice
US Geography
Map Quiz Game
Latitude and Longitude Game
Latitude and Longitude Treasure Hunt
U.S. States Song

Unit II: Early North American Exploration
· Examine the reasons behind Europeans exploring the North America and the settlements they founded.
· Focus mainly on 3 major countries efforts: English, French, and Spanish exploration of what is now the east coast of the United States.

Explorer Sites:
Social Studies for Kids

Explorers Map

Explorers for Kids

Kids Port

Mr. Nussbaum

Unit III: Settlement and Colonization of North America

Interactive History
· Examine the regions and colonies established by England, France, and Spain.
· Analyze the events leading up to the French and Indian War.

Unit IV: French and Indian, Revolutionary Wars
· Events and major players leading up to and during the French and Indian and the Revolutionary Wars.
· Analyze important documents: Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution of the United States of America.
American Revolution for Kids
NEO Kids
PBS Kids

Famous People of the American Revolution


National Geographic Kids

Quiz Your Noodle

Ellis Island Virtual Tour